Invofox basic cycle

Invofox 101: Upload a document and retrieve the information after it's been processed

If you're trying to figure out if Invofox is the right tool for you, you're probably keen to validate at least a couple of things:

  • How good are the results?
  • How easy is the integration?

Let's dive in!

🎬 Process your first document

Of course you'll eventually want to do it through the API, but why not process a few documents first through our interface to see what you're getting yourself into?

First, let's make sure you have enabled the right document types in your environment.

All set? Great! Now you just need to go to Documents on the left side menu:

And then, click on Upload documents on the top right corner.

You'll then see a popup where you will be able to manually upload the documents you want to process. You can process PDFs, images and ZIP files with Invofox:

If you want to test our classifier or our PDF splitter, you can also do that from this same interface! After uploading the documents in this manner you'll have all the information from your documents readily available in only a few seconds.

Remember that, in order to get the best possible results with Invofox, you should configure companies, providers and clients in your environment.

🤖Now, let the machines do the talking

Satisfied with your first few tests and ready to start working on the integration? Awesome!

Here are the endpoints you need to call in order to replicate the same basic cycle through our API:

Now you're all set to start processing documents with Invofox!